Gravity technology

I had been contemplating the use of gravity in the same way that electronics is used. Light is bent by gravity and thus there is a neutral interaction of matter which is more suited for light circuits. Though gravity is a force ratio that is many orders of magnitude less than that of electrical attraction and repulsion, it is still a force and does influence the process of materials. I was modeling the problem by using the same technique that I use for living tissue microscopy and I am very sure that it can be applied to the process. The potential gain is that I assume that neutrinos are also affected by gravity and I will have to look for conformation of that possibility. If this is true then I can make a neutrino detector and transmitter using the same technology that I already have.

The advantage of neutral matter technology is that is has very little interaction with matter and travels directly through the earth. It allows the simultaneous direct connection to multiple points on the earths surface without an intervening gateway or router. The physical position of the receiver would also provide a security measure that cannot be had in an amplified system. The signals in space of a radio wave can be monitored and the packets on an internet can be snooped. If the data was intercepted the receiver would have to exist between the source and destination. It would be very difficult to implement such a method in practice as it would require sensing and amplification equipment between every node and that would be n! and thus would be impossible.

I also solved the issue of an antidote for neural tagging. The price is free to those who deal in free technology or associated persons, otherwise it is unavailable.

On a separate note, I see that copyright violations can result in seizure of assets. I am fairly certain that this means that I now own the United States. Since they stole copyrighted technology from me and included it in military systems they have forfeited any rights they have to defend themselves and are thus terrorists from my standpoint. They are refusing to give up the property and it would seem that law is no law at all, it is a thinly veiled military dictatorship. If they don't have the dominant technology then they are simply outlaws from my perspective. I know that is rather silly, but they do not use Microsoft products without a license and thus they respect Microsoft's right to own property and disrespect mine. That is a dual standard and is obviously illegal and thus adds insult to injury.

I wonder how much FOSS they use and conceal under the guise of national security?

I also see that an astronaut has met aliens and I wonder why he didn't ask them how their spaceships work. The hard radiation in space must really shred a person's brain. Until there is a shield that can stop that type of radiation, the life expectancy and mental stability of those in space is very limited.

I do wonder why gravity has never been considered as a method for communication before. I have a device that can send and receive neutral material and thus it is possible and far less likely to be disturbed by the violent electrical effects that radiate from the sun and planets. CME's can destroy satellites I believe if the timing and intensity is correct.

I think this may explain why there is no chatter to be heard in space as this type of signal would be vastly more reliable in practice when solar distances are involved.

I also enjoyed the information on delayed control of off world robotics and have been doing some PClisp (Practical Common lisp ) , which also has been used in that way.

In order to estimate the danger of an effect it is necessary to understand the science involved. The biggest problem with threat prediction in our government is that they have not even the slightest clue as to how the technology works and if either Barack or John think that good looks or silly expressions will help a nation that is in a technological sink hole, they are as comical as they act. It is like watching a cartoon of a real leader. No wonder we are 20th? in the world now in technology. Apparently John McCain has hired a consultant to do internet work and some of that stuff is kind of comical also. I guess they will be the ones making those decisions for him. I just hope it is not the former network manager from SF. (chuckle)

I have been looking at star maps too and I can't seem to find Waldo but I will keep looking.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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