Hitler envy

I think a strange thing happened because of WWII. I don't think it was confined to people of power. The scientific facts do not support the idea of a 'master' race and so the idea of the fourth reich and neo-nazis is just a delusion. The basic envy of someone in power by a person who loves power would however be continuous. The effectiveness and grandiosity of the German and Japanese empires must have been like a big candy mountain to the madmen of the world. I think it was George Washington that most elegantly expressed the burden of power. It is important for people of power to step away from that power for the good of humanity.

It is necessary to be very careful who you allow to hold the gun to your head.

In my long life I have encountered about six people that I think were true sociopaths. I had a friend in high school and it was not until much later that I realized what was going on in his skull. I guess when you are young, you have no scale to measure the normality of a person's actions. I know a lot of self centered and greedy people and they are not sociopaths. What I am speaking of is a person who has absolutely no emotional response to the death of another human being. They could be toilet paper for all the reaction that you would get from them. I think that they learn early that they are different and start to develop mock emotions about things.

The movie of "The Bad Seed" reminds me quite a bit of the people I have encountered. I think it requires a certain internal encapsulation of the mind that is completely self referential. I would imagine that the Pharaohs were like this. Many people admire power, but few have the equipment to become the brutal monsters that stalk this Earth.

I mentioned before about a right of passage to the 'new' powers in the US and people might find that strange and so I will clarify. The best way to know that the ones around you are like you is to have them kill somebody while you watch. The mafia used this method and it was, and probably is still effective at weeding out the people with compassion. Like showing the sign of the werewolf or vampire, I would imagine.

I hope people don't think I am some moralist. I don't sit on an ivory tower of purity and condemn the mere mortals for their frailty and insanity. I am right in there with the other members of the asylum staring at the moon and wondering when the man in the moon will smile.


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Automated Intelligence
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