Mister Roger's neighborhood

I call out to my neighbor and wave. The FCC fines me for communication without centralized control. I comply because I am evil and I have chosen to act against the goodness of all people.

I further this horror by saying that I have a new CD of Rachmaninoff classics that the children may like to hear. The troops descend, like the good angels they are, and shoot the children as they have already violated the law as they were not the purchasers of this product and they have enjoyed the golden fruit which is only for consumption by those who have paid. This is good, because the children should have known to cover their ears when music is played because it could be stolen from the halls of power. The vast power of the central transmitter courses through our bodies and we recognize that this is good. We could have a low power network that used sharing techniques to move information in all directions but that would mean we might conceal the truth of our intentions that we might share among ourselves the evil bits. The power of the central transmitter lets us know that this is all good and the freedom of the world itself depends upon our complete and utter subservience. How could we possibly have freedom by being free ourselves? You need to submit and be controlled and told what is freedom. You cannot decide what is freedom on your own, that is evil.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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