Final dance

The final dance has begun and the partners seem somewhat familiar. The US is asking that Japan change it's laws and become an ally in war. It seems that WWII will be fought again like the second gulf war, only this time the US gets to play the Nazi part and the Arabs get to play the Jewish part. I saw a documentary on the Russian front and they had an 'elite' core that stood behind the lines and killed anybody who left the fight. It has been upsetting the government that it cannot just conscript people of any age to fight under duress of imprisonment and I am guessing that some situation will arise that the draft will be reinstated very soon. Perhaps it will be phrased as a recruitment only for the continental US to defend the borders and once the oath is sworn to death then all will be captive.

I am guessing that programmers will be drafted to save us from cyber war and the mythical neuro enhanced soldier that they intend to create for themselves. It seems that while we were watching for the enemy to cross the battlement, they were here all along. They will not go softly into that goodnight, that was my prediction and it will be night fall soon.

It is obvious that we are working up to a first strike in Iran. I wonder if they consider the consequence to every living thing that a cloud of nuclear waste from an exploding reactor would bring? Of course not, we act and then when it is a stupid we just do something else stupid to cover the last mistake. I am not sure that Europe will see being the fallout zone as the safe position against offending the US.

I wouldn't even think that this was possible, but the facts speak for themselves. There is a continuous progress to a vector and once you have several points that lie on the same line in the same polarity it is pretty easy to see where the projectile is headed.

If Bush Mugabe thinks there is a remote chance that he could be tried for war crimes, he will destroy the Earth country to avoid it. I always say , "Be careful not to build weapons because they have a tendency to end up in the hands of a person who likes to use weapons."

No wonder they have been so active in building those underground bunkers to save the 'good' people in the government while the waste is flushed. I guess they have what they want underground? I am trying to guess what that would be. They are obviously deciding if they can use nuclear weapons as a solution to cover up what they are doing. I am sure they realize that people are getting wise to what they plan and if everybody is dying of radiation poisoning, they cannot retake the government. The world belongs to the living. To hell with reason, this is the survival of the elite 'over' the peasants. I do not think they will hesitate even a second if their position as rulers is challenged.

I have said it won't be long and I am quite sure that fearlessness is the key, fearless because they do not look far enough in the future to see consequence.

I wish that what I speculate was just rhetoric and to some extent most of what I say is purely projection, but this shadow seems to be materializing.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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