Many things will settle to the lowest energy state and life is no different. If you do hill climbing algorithms or ( valley seeking ) then you realize that the best solution does not always come from seeking the lowest common denominator.

The people who place themselves above others by simple games of confidence are just falling into the well like everybody who follows them. The best search algorithm to solution in a complex system of many variables requires multi-threading.

Is that too technical for a person to understand? Perhaps it is. The complexity of the universe needs a complex solution if people are to survive. Simply dragging people into a well and then standing on their shoulders to get out so you can do it all over again is absurd. It is the same thing, except I am speaking of computer answers to complex problems.

After the king is out of the well he leaves everybody for dead. He blames them for not giving him the right answer and proceeds to look for another flock to lead over the cliff. A person who understands the system realizes that it requires search and coordination to solve complex issues.

It is as different as a single threaded processor which fails on one code flaw and a system which interacts and is capable of identifying it's own failures.

The rules of computing and life are the same. If all people put all trust in one solution, the very nature of chaos guarantees them failure.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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