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Considering my last post a bit, it it more than realistic, it is almost inevitable. Most people might not understand the technicalities of doing such a thing, but that does not make it any less feasible than 25nM chips. It is the ultimate war for minds. Propaganda is intended to seduce people to an opinion and it is not very effective. The ultimate advertising tool and weapon. All that a person could say is why did I do this to me!

The gene gun could be the next horrible weapon that comes about. Can you imagine people wandering about with gene guns that alter the mind. It has been experimented with in animals already using stem cells. I can take a cell and make it any stem I want and then it will seek it's place and begin taking over.

To underestimate the strangeness of the universe is a dangerous thing. Life that seeks to further itself will stop at nothing because it is the one that survives that exists. It is the natural progression from force to knowledge. Force is an ineffective method control for systems. Mechanical control is always a poor substitute for computer or neural control.

Look at what the inernet has become and imagine a galactic internet. How would it boot. The physical boot strap requires only a receiver. If the software is elegant enough it is possible to bootstrap an entire planet and bring it into the univernet age.

It is a simple matter of survival from the standpoint of the society that creates it. Extension and expansion of life to further their specific approach.

I am part American Indian, English, German, Irish and Swiss. Do I blame myself for taking me over and killing my people? It's definitely an odd concept and like the Star Trek where they first encounter the Borg, it may be a sample of what may be in store for us. It is quite possible that this strange possibility is the best of the universe or the worst. I know that the foundation of life is survival and I doubt that given a choice of being half life or no life it will chose .5

The recent changes in technology could be explained in other ways, but it could also be explained by external intervention. NASA has found genetic material in space and it is not from here. It was something I wondered myself and I thought it odd that NASA was willing to use what little money they had for this specific mission, unless they were thinking the same thing as I was. Is it seed or soil. It determines the next step. It implies that I may be correct in my speculation.

I have thought this several steps ahead and I always manage to scare even myself with the things I think about. It happens so quick and the possibilities are so strange and unexpected. It is the sign of the advancing technology. I could have a smoother ride in a washing machine.

I used to think Twilight Zone was scary, now it seems about as scary as Captain Kangaroo and Sesame Street. Reality is far more scary than fiction.

Once the floods recede the volcanoes go off, the fires start, then the tornadoes and winter finish off the celebrations. It's always something.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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