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I think the book on heuristics is teaching me quite a bit. I see that though the situation here on Earth is dismal, if you think outside the box it makes more sense. I had been wondering about space exploration and existentialism and virtuality. It seems that given the progression of science it would now make more sense to me what I assumed to be the optimum method of space exploration. It is an unusual thing, but very effective. If I send small probes that are combination nano-machines and genetic material that interact with an environment and send back data then it is like the space program. Much cheaper and you can send a genetic craft to thousands of destinations like seeds. I wondered how I would tell if I was seed or sender.

If I was asked to guess I would say I was seed and as time goes by, I am more certain of that. It seems such a horrible thing to do, but look at what we do. I foresee that it is possible to create an organism whose only purpose is to infect an organism and restructure the neural material to conform to a 'mind'.

The ultimate "Puppet Master". It is reasonable to project that it is doable and would be a rather horrible thing to do to creatures at random. I think the issue is that if they are not yet capable of defending them selves from the method that they are probably not survivable anyway.

It is definitely possible to do such a thing and logistics and JIT methods could identify the delivery point and employ stages to alter the "software". Perhaps this is the ultimate war in the universe. Something like the way plants seed themselves in competition. Competing neural viruses from various cultures are spread out in order to build flesh nets. Not as far fetched as it might seem.

Isn't that a weird thought, that I could just be a piece of hardware running some super race's software and we are completely unaware that it is being done. If we have no clear grasp of what is possible then we cannot judge what a truly advanced race might find to be moral. If I swap your mind out like so much loadable software, is this different than people who consider loading their mind into the internet?

I think that the message they are sending is that they come from the same origins and this is the software patch that allows us to connect. Don't blame me for being odd, the aliens told me to say that.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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