Combined statistics

Heuristics continues to be an interesting book and I can handle almost all of the concepts SAT NLP TSP etc. There seems to be a blind spot in my abilities and of the dozens of problems and solutions which I encounter, one stands out as a sore point. The majority I can match like they are child's play. I recognize the general structure of the problem and it's limits then apply the appropriate method. When it comes to problems that involve the conversion of properties in an inappropriate way then I always falter. I think that it may have something to do with the way I solve problems and I can't accept a rule that I can't personally prove.

A person could memorize the solutions to a set of problems and could simply pair them like a computer hash table to get the result. I construct my solutions as a product of methods and when I am faced with problems that have no method that I can recognize then I am in complete limbo.

It is somewhat like the use of variables and methods. A variable of boolean and int or float will have a different format and if a variable is used outside of it's type then it creates real random havoc. The match of method and object in mathematics is one thing that troubles me sometimes. Vectors are much different than areas and twists. When I apply a generalized technique to an object and the technique is a subtle mismatch the result is skewed.

There are problems that I solve,but they leave me with a nagging suspicion that there is more to be considered and I have missed the point of the solution. In other words it is no fun.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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