Automatic Test Equipment

ATE is a device which verifies circuit boards in a stuffing house. It can use millions of probes simultaneously to check for shorts, opens, reversed components, ...... An ATE can be programmed to verify an ATE board. A lathe can build all the parts of a lathe. What I am wondering about is whether it is possible for a person to ATE themselves in a sense. It would seem that there could be some measures that I could take to test myself every day to make sure I am not malfunctioning in some way ( or perhaps some might say developing 'new' malfunctions ).

Over at Super Concepts blog I see that they have had a duplicate invention moment and I can sympathize with that. It is becoming far more common that people develop the same ideas almost simultaneously and if you happen to live in the same country, the first to register it owns it, which is actually kind of silly. Like a game of musical chairs if several people are capable of doing the same work. If they agreed and shared information there would be two inventions instead of one and if they shared those, each would have twice as much to show for their common effort.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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