Galactic internet

If a communication system exists in the universe and there is other life, what would a reasonable connection charge be for being ISP to the galactic internet. It is possible to make certain assumptions about the possibilities and then design the equipment to match the method that would seem most reasonable and reliable as well as cost effective which is simply a matter of not wasting resources. I think that the neutrino stream from a star would make a very good free source of effect which could be moderated to produce a beam and by determining the position of a star in at the time of arrival of the signal it could be directed to a specific local star and also many other stars at the same time. I consider in very possible that I can make a device which would measure a differential neutrino signal from a source and perhaps that is the real reason for neutrino detectors. It is simply a cover story that governments want to understand the sun and in fact what they are doing is trying to identify a signal that would contain some information that would give them military advantage. That seems far more likely than a project that spends that much money for some theoretical concept.

There are several different effects which could be used with existing technology to identify a directional signal and S/N ratios could be very high even at the distance of distant stars.

So, what would an alien race do if they had advanced to a point where they were expanding to new planets? The assumption is that any life which did survive would have to be very much pro survival in all aspects. This would imply that even though they would be advanced, they would also be more interested in continuing their own existence than elevating others to a position of higher survivability. They would be aware that a person could develop the technology and then try to eavesdrop. It would imply that any communications would be disguised to retain their own information and not give advantage to other creatures that might pose an existential risk.

I think that they would purposely conceal their existence for the simple reason of avoiding unnecessary conflict. It would only be a noob that would make the mistake of sending out their email address to every person in the universe on the hope that they would respond kindly. I suppose that we can expect an alien porn storm or spam attack if the galactic internet is anything like this planet. Or perhaps we will be visited by planet trolls that simply screw around with people for entertainment and promise alien technology and really it is a pyramid scheme.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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