Anti handcuffs version and AI to GPU

I invent quite a few things every day and this is the latest in the series of anti devices. I stated that a set of metal cylinders on the wrists which were larger than the diameter of the hand folded would make it impossible to use handcuffs. I have now expanded that concept and included two modifications which are to complete a circuit for automatic defensive reaction and another which uses the compression to trigger the same effect for non-conductive bindings and a color change to match the skin tone.

I have a couple other neat ones but they go in Pandora's toy chest.

I also am working on an artificial imagination for AI. I am combining several open source programs to capture video and automatically generate a vertex list with textures. I use the GPU to model the objects and scale, change color, position, to match the frame buffer comparison or an A-B function with a minimum, but it is a bit slow on the frame side, but I can keep many standard models that can be manipulate in the GPU without CPU overhead.

The object associations can be automatic from the camera to identify areas that are grouped by virtue of the fact that they move at the same time or in 3D perspective. I can use thumbnails to minimize the selection of a best fit to limit the amount of time spent matching to high detail. I expect it to be able to recognize objects faster than a person eventually.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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