Economy of flesh

What would be the rational decision in a situation of no moral ground?

The economy of resource. Instead of a few who like to get lots killed in bunches, it should be the few who get themselves killed all at once. Which do you choose if you have a body with a virus? If I say that all life is sacred then viruses are also life and I can't get rid of it. The best answer is a creature that lives on viruses and can survive on lettuce. :)

If you like chess then a complex game is the best fun. It might seem to somebody watching that there is a clear pattern in the actions of a complex player, however that is a contradiction in terms. If it is easy to see then it is a ploy. It is motive. I am sure of the motives of those who seek power, however I remain undetermined on the status of the rest. I guess the rule I keep generally is "Don't screw with nature unless you are smarter than it". I am a part of nature and as such, it can be very surprising to the conqueror worm to step into n-D space while chasing their prey. Just ask Alice.

The nature of the universe brings us here and it will certainly bring us back again unless there is a new method that deals with local minimums. Rain flows to the river. It is when we have circled 1,000 times that even the silliest traveler must admit that there might be a flaw in the search algorithm. How many empires must rise and fall before the mule quits talking and makes acts? When the pyramid game reaches it's end point it is obvious that the new players will be crushed and so will the new recruits. That is the turning point in a government also. When the new people recruited to enslave others have too few left to enslave then it must fizzle and go poof.

Heuristics book is still a favorite and it is the first book in a long time that really tuned up my neural array. If you are a thinker then this is some serious magic Kool-aid for thought. I have been playing in the source code of Freeciv and Supertuxkart along with several others and I am having so much fun it is making me giddy. I just enjoy learning things.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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