Thin veil

The thin veil of intent is lifted when government sees it's position challenged. It is the opinion of those that work at government that they have a genetic right to the future and it is the process that they promote. It is the slow blade that penetrates the shield as is said in 'Dune'. When the process itself is challenged, they react with the destruction of their own populations in a hope to destroy the element that might interfere.

It is no less eugenics if it is a veiled process. It serves only to conceal intent enough that no great recognition can take place. By reducing the intellect of the populace, they all reduce their potential since they do not have the technical skill to use what they steal.

There is no guaranteed outcome or immediate solution, it is the process of nature and time. Though it seems a great war by it's closeness to our time, it is just a single battle in the form of nature and though we fret and mourn our single part in the play, it will go on and on.

I don't see all these things as absolute evil, I see failure in methods that are driven from conceit and self delusion. It is bound to fail, and it is bound to recur.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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