Wealth and power

Clearly there is a basic difference in fact between somebody who creates and one who steals. I wonder how deeply that divide goes into the very nature of the organism? A virus cannot 'choose' to be a Eukaryotic cell. A tiger does not change it's stripes. It seems that there is a real genetic pressure from those who kill to sustain their growth and those who build. I often run into little tricks to use others to my benefit and I reject them because I don't want to do that. It is obvious to me that the best of my tricks would leave humanity helpless at my whim. This is not my desire and the fact that others are attracted to that goal seems odd to me. Perhaps it is a matter of skill or coherent thought that separates them from the truth.

I can create a very simple analogy and it shows the futility of rule by power in intelligent life. It seems that the mechanism is that of a childish mind. Does simple education solve that issue?

It does not seem to deter the madman that there is futility in the ultimate goal of their process. I imagine that until someone demonstrates the futility in practice it will not be accepted. I think that I am coming to a good solution for this. The biggest problem is that it is ingrained in the very structure of life everywhere and where it is removed it regrows like a weed. The knowledge gained by dealing with multiple systems does have application like some research I saw recently about language and the fact that language is inherent in the mind and that any specific language associated with cultures is actually a 'translation' of the inherent universal language of mind

I think that some people just don't like the idea of sharing and they enjoy using other people. I think it is a thing that feeds the ego and so they wrongly assume that since they have put one over on somebody that they are better and they 'feel' good. An internal feedback based on a false assumption.

Chickens and a chicken AI. If you break down what activities a chicken will choose it seems to resolve to eat. There seems to be no other list that is needed to implement a chicken brain. I have a list of options to select the activity of te organism and excluding those involuntary processes, it has a choice of eating or not eating if it is full. I can't see that a program that selects from a list of length one can be very complex. The methods to eat might be structurally complex but that is purely mechanism and has nothing to do with cognition.

Heroin addict AI. Select item from list ( Heroin ), select from action list possible based on paired success score ( steal, kill, sell ) ( 2, 1, 3 ) ( 0, 1, 1 ). I guess I could use a hash table here.

If I entertain you with a song or pretty picture, what do you have to show for it when I am done?


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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