Probability Complexity Factorials

I seem to rag on people constantly and I suppose it can be irritating. It isn't because I hate people in general, it is actually opposite of that. I see that there is a great potential and it is never met in practice however.

I was reading an article at Astroprof about the Tunguska blast and people seem to agree that it is likely to have been a small meteor. Nature can be ( and is ) an evil dominatrix. We here in Iowa USA know that too well. That darn math and probabilities will eat your lunch if you don't watch it. We had another 100 year flood here this year ( 15 years after the last one ). It only shows it is better to side with the house when making bets. The thing that surprises me about this casual acceptance is that it is nothing compared to the odds in the long run. Like volcanoes and a lot of other natural disasters. Is there a blind spot to this process? It seems to surprise everybody all over the world every year. It is as if every morning they wake up and are shocked to see a burning thermonuclear fusion event ( sun ) in the sky.

Nature dwarfs the military power of every nation by such a vast scale that it is ridiculous. What is odd is the fact that people constantly fight amongst themselves for the choice pieces of the Earth and while they are pounding each other into the ground ( instead of seeking common gain ) the lady waits and one day she will show you what naughty tricks she can play on those who don't respect her. Ashes, ashes we all fall down.

The second part of this equation involves peanut butter and chocolate. Consider the effect of rand() 10MT blast on x and then the effect of x on sum of y(x).

The one thing I do know is that there will be an impact, there will be a hurricane, there will be a volcano, there will be wild fires, there will be floods, there will be a tsunami, and when it happens the people will look up from the war they fight constantly and say "We should have seen that coming and worked for our common benefit". At least all the people who warned us will die too so we don't have to face those embarrassing questions about it being our fault. One of these days mommy nature is going to open her can of whoop ass and everybody is going to stand around saying ( last words ) "that was unexpected".


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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