I am testing some programs with valgrind and it seems to be a good utility for identifying the flaws that can accidentally develop in programs. A common development method and training for people who do software might be a good thing for the Linux environment. Linux is very good at creating documentation and there are numerous good tutorials available on every aspect of programming. Good practice in development might include the incorporation of many different specialties. I think that the problem with SSL random keys could have been avoided if a slightly different approach to the overall development process were used. I always use the great number of tools that are available to analyze and characterize my code when I do development. I have found that as much as I try to use good practice and avoid problems, they can creep into a design for any number of reasons. I also like to have a way of measuring the risk of the program if it is misused.

I saw an interesting article on people who have lived by the Arctic circle for thousands of years and seem to function quite well and always have, without any government. Perhaps that is why they enjoy their life there so much.

I suspect that with the continuing analysis of the human genome will find the actual basis of personality and it's predispositions. It cannot be denied that different species have been engineered ( bred ) for domestic use like cows and dogs. There was the art of phrenology which was head bumps to predict social behavior. It is a rather odd thing to think that it might be possible to identify that there is a basic genetic basis for neurological phenotype. I am not a fan of eugenics as it has always been an excuse for those in power to further the scale and strength of their power.

It seems to me that the advance of the Roman culture of military dominance is responsible for a great deal of the culture that exists today. It was an effective technique when technology was limited to the ballistic or mechanical eradication of enemies.

The culture of the world has changed and the people who accept and operate on the Roman principles of mechanical dominance are certainly doomed.

It seems that like many paradigm shifts in evolution, the survival of a species depends upon it's ability to survive in the environment that develops. The concept of Roman like government requires continuous expansion to fuel it's inefficient process. I would think that as the first cellular life expanded without resistance that it would have consumed every available resource and then faltered in a stagnant state of self destruction.

The galaxy zoo produced a Voorwerp which was very interesting and could give some clues as to the general nature of the universe.

I find it odd that the US is so worried about contaminating Mars and don't have a second thought about dumping tons of depleted Uranium and killing hundreds of thousands of people to serve some personal interest of the MIC. If there were something of value on Mars then it would be a different case I am sure. If there were Gold or oil there and signs of intelligent life that could be dominated, they would be slaughtered like pigs.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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