Children and class

I saw the Today show and they were talking about girls not being like movie stars and getting pregnant. They suggested that every family do everything they can to stop their children from getting pregnant. It just seemed odd as what they were saying is in some odd way is that they wanted movie stars to breed more and normal people to stop breeding. They didn't say that something should be done about movie stars breeding too much. I wonder what type of economy we would have if there were only TV stars, celebrities and politicians? I think they would starve to death and every technological device on the planet would become a planter.

I also heard that political candidates have grand plans to solve economic and military and social issues. Has there ever been a plan that a politician created that worked? No one has reduced the national debt, I thought that WWII was the war to end all wars, and of all the things that they chatter about, none actually work. They seem to be very good at saying there is a need for a solution after the bridge has fallen down, after the levees break, after we are attacked, after the debt is 10T$, after the oil prices rise, after.... I see an obvious brain washing and maybe I am just too smart. They should probably get rid of me, because what they are doing is too obvious. If I keep pointing it out somebody might crack wise to the scam.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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