C plus plus

I am going over a CPP book today to clarify some concepts in my mind. I use so many different languages that it is almost impossible to keep all the programming details clear. I have some cheat sheets and refreshers, but it is always good to take a new look at things every once in a while, in case you missed a critical issue. I like to have a suite of tests that does the dirty work for me when I finish a program. Something that exercises the speed, and identifies problems. Object orientation and many of the aspects of CPP can be very useful and also dangerous.

The thing that prompted this is that version 0.5 of Supertuxkart is available and I downloaded the source and built it for my system, then tested it. There is a lot of new functionality and the idea of having challenges is a great addition to the game. It seems to be a CPU hog though. Some of the ALSA is also spooky and I guess I will troubleshoot the problems and see if I can't make some intelligent constructive suggestions to the devs. It is kind of a pain to be committed to too many projects and this is fluff so I will just suggest, rather than code it. I will at least make the effort to search the bug reports and make a new entry if I can identify the source of the problem. Funny punny "source" of the problem.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen