Super Tuxkart physics results

There are some basic assumptions that guide the analysis of events in physics and one is the idea that an electron will radiate when it is accelerated. That is true, but not always true. It is the typical situation in which there is a difference in inertial mass that sets the rule. It is possible to have an electron and positron in a situation that is neither, a standing wave that is essentially neutral, but still exists. I do wonder what was considered to be a particle. I guess it was some hang over from the idea that everything was planetary and that matter and atoms were some perfect spheres of something. Super conducting and stars. White board universe, erase everything , place an electron moving. An object in motion will remain in motion ... Just because my mind works that way. A commenter asked how a person could levitate something and I suggested they might have developed a way to force the tribo-electric effect and so it bounced around in my mind a while and I see that it is possible and that I can do it. I am not sure what application it would have ( it could be science friction :) ). Half lives. That is an interesting something. I think that it is one of those light=sin(day.2.pi) silly things that model a process without actually understanding or defining it. Of course nuclear decay is run by the Las Vegas casinos and it is the ultimate slot machine and there is no finer understanding and process involved. How silly of me to even have thought of that.

I am still playing with Rubik's cube and making different ways to model the understanding of that 3 space system. It is just analysis to develop mental tools for characterizing other dimensional systems. The combination of interactive sets and methods and the analysis of minimum moves for the least complex and convoluted part which is the 6 faces which are paired and cannot be changed without pairing. Three axis moves of 0,1,2,3 which cannot be applied simultaneously result in 48 possible combinations unless you allow free rotation with respect to the rest of the cube and then it is 8, and then it is 1 if free in the other axis and it represents handedness. So the only thing that can really be changed in the relative relationship is it's handedness.

I think it was Mark Twain that said "History may not repeat itself, but it rhymes." Yes it is so, and the Geneva conventions, like all laws, are meant to be broken. It was there for a reason and now that the glass is broken, Pandora is free and if you think that Vlad , Genghis, Attila, and Hitler were scary, be prepared to be amazed. It is not so much a law for nations to enforce, but a law for people to enforce. They are the ones who suffer more than the tyrants. Eventually it consumes all, but in the process everything that could be good is gone. I wonder how it is that when there is war that the most important statistic is the number of dead soldiers and the millions upon millions of innocent children and families and culture and the mark it leaves on life for generations is never counted or considered. I guess it is the fact that people do not count, they are not kings or conquerors.

The look of madness that comes with power. How often I see that. I guess it was social pressure that built this up over time. The pack instinct gone mad. Every culture has had it's tools and methods to exclude those who did not conform to the pack and as a result there is an attractor. Much like everything in chaotic holistic systems, you cannot remove a negative aspect of an element without influencing the rest of the structure. I have heard it said that there is an inherent yearning for god in people and I am sure that is so. It is however a vanishing point, a non object that is reflected in the process of being. The new American Idol, that about says it all. Hero worship, kings, "Leader of the Pack", mafia , "Teen Spirit", lemmings, herds, hippos, jackals, bees, ants. The structure of a neural array is not composed of logical elements obviously and it is a system which can be modeled. The result is not a computer that will solve every problem in the universe, but a machine as mad as the thing that will create it.

I got my alien communicator to work and made contact. I told them that I owned the planet Earth and I was just interested in trade. They accepted that since a culture would not allow some random person to be the spokesman for Earth and control it's only means of communicating with other races. I made a trade for a shield that would protect from even a direct explosion of a fusion bomb. They wanted Bill Gate$'s brain for some reason. I thought that this seemed very fitting and Bill would be proud of me, it is all about getting whatever you want without consideration of the consequence. I told them I don't do deliveries and they had to come here to pick it up. I bet I can have some fun with my new toy.

Deception to achieve power is one of those things as old as people. I think it was Genghis Khan who put stuffed dummies on horses to make it seem he had a larger army. Once he had conquered them, he did. Even in this country it was done. The revolutionary government issued money that had no backing to essentially get property and resources from others for nothing. World War II, it was planned to enter the war and everybody was creating excuses to make the war. I wonder if there has ever been a year when there was no war? I would bet not.

I think that many people would say they have seen it all and the horrible atrocity of war is bad but necessary. It would seem that someone should write a manual for the brain. This way I could just say RTFM. I have browsed the manual I keep for myself, and there is some scary stuff in there. I am not sure that everybody can grasp the possible. It seems for most to present itself out of nothingness and return there when it is done. If you can look into that Heart of Darkness, you can see many things, some good, some very bad.

Strange attractors and strange attractions. Yes, I would have to agree on that one and also possible for the system to oscillate.

There is a very large difference between science generated by a basic understanding of the underlying principles and that which is generated by experimentation. In the design of integrated circuit systems, this is generally true. I have noticed some very odd behavior of software and I know the origin of it. I think that the principle of creation and test may not be as good as a good basic design. I think software can be served by a definition of the core process that does not have failure modes. If I get the time I think I will make a true deterministic structure that can be used with the POSIX system. Some of this depends on the processor and how math is implemented. ( of course NAN, sqrt (-1), infinity -1, A!=A) The integral of a constant with respect to change in a constant. You would think that this would be avoided, but not.

Oh well, another day, another problem.Don't say I didn't warn you about Pandora,she is a naughty woman. Cambrian explosion.

I have gone to 4 full dimensions with my STK ( Super TuxKart ) and I plan to move to five now and this is where I expect the truly spooky aspects of nature to show up.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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