Physics and cartoons

I go through cycles of realization and I really don't despise physicists, mathematicians or people but I need a way to clear the trash out of my brain and the only way to do that is to hate or despise the information that I have to reject as useless in my life. So on we go to thrash the evil code, which reminds me I have to do some research and proactive work on my SSL and the way I use the certificates.

Bashing Physics

It is almost like some kindergarten science. I wonder where these peopele get their idea of what is rational. A light year, pfft! A measure of distance that depends on how far a thing travels in a period of time that is defined by the orbit of the sun. What a ridiculous concept. I reminds me of "Buzz Lightyear". It is a distance, like any other distance. Naming particles like a little kid who comes up with words to rhyme with poop, because it is funny. ( I am sure that some of that is stegnographic, however) They don't make themselves seem very impressive when they say things like particles with charm and top quarks. I have resolved the relationships of the structure of the universe to some very simple rules and properties. As a result I can see how many of these things gain acceptance because they have correlation to fact and experiment. I can make an equation like sin(day*2*pi)=daylight and that has no real significance other than it is generally correct in application. The ideas of quantum mechanics, though very elegant are a mere shadow of what is really going on. The real power of a coherent understanding of the universe is to be able to predict what can be made from the combination of that which exists. I have been doing that for quite some time and I can mention things to people and they will create such a device without the knowledge of where it comes from. I can publish a method to do the Diehls-Alder and somebody can duplicate that action without knowing the origin or method I used to produce it, or more importantly the consequence of it's use.More importantly, the production of devices without a clear understanding of how they relate results in a continuous production of dangerous and ineffective tools. If I decide to make a medicine because it helps 80% and it didn't kill 30 monkeys then I am just shooting in the dark and this is no more elegant than alchemy. They have no way of knowing what the consequence of their actions will be because they select and use materials based on experimental methods as opposed to holistic effect.

Bashing language

This doesn't take much here, words that are spelled the same and pronounced different. Words spelled the same that have different meanings. Words that have meaning outside the scope of language itself and people who insist on applying their opinion as to the nature of the words and their implications. Shit.

Bashing psychology

The act of worship. This is probably the single most devastating human flaw that exists. Worshiping celebrities, politicians, scientists, warriors, relatives, and worst of all worship of self. This has got to be a foundational characteristic of tribal humanity that will eat it's lunch. I need to define the internal mode of what worship is, but today I am just ranting.

Bashing people

Well I think I covered that in the last category, but I those who worship themselves as god and act in that way are really very much like cancer and viruses. Nothing which exists in life has any value to them except as a tool for their own desires. The misuse of worship is the keenest tool in the arsenal of deception and it probably the most used, and easiest method of influence of the primitive mind.

Bashing mathematics

Math is a system that is created to apply and really has no limit in it's structure as it covers logic, dimension, topology and virtually all that exists. It is more like a collection of methods. Probably more like open source software than any would care to admit. Methods. OOM. The complaint I have is not with there being such a great deal of effective methods, but that they are applied to the wrong objects in the wrong situations. The sqrt(-1). I am really upset that people seem to think that paradox is something to accept. Of all the things you could do with methods and objects, to use them in paradoxical ways is just weird.

Bashing myself

Well, I am tired now. I suck, I am stupid, I am a bag of water. I can't compute pi to an infinite number of places and I can't count to 10100. On top of that I am too lazy to enumerate my vast array of flaws. :)


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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