Light and mass. It is unremarkable that the speed of light in glass is affected by the mass and if a person knew what they were looking at there would be a better understanding of why. The form of light is not homogeneous or particulate in any more extent than a particle is really particulate. The great confusion comes in the way light is measured in a complex system as opposed to a discrete system. There has been some progress toward light viewing of materials in vivo and I am sure that will progress in due time. The idea that all red shift data is generated in the same way does cause some confusion to others. I think that the worst things I encountered in my college days which were long long ago was ::

  1. The idea that uncertainty was a restriction which did not allow the manipulation or viewing of individual atoms which I knew was false even then.
  2. The concept that mathematics was somehow rooted in the same as Physics within the physical world and subject to no interpretation.
  3. Dogmatic representation of concepts as being absolute and complete.
  4. The idea that survival in the scientific world depended upon your acceptance and continued loyalty to an organization.
  5. Destroying people who had independent views to keep the structure of scientific community limited to it's members in a cult like manner.
And now
  1. The idea that uncertainty is a restriction which does not allow the manipulation or viewing of individual elements of the nucleus.
  2. The concept that mathematics is correct in it's application as an absolute method without consideration of it's context.
  3. Dogmatic representation of concepts as being absolute and complete.
  4. The idea that survival in the scientific world depended upon your acceptance and continued loyalty to an organization.
I am extending my Tuxkart world to include genetics. I am going to use the minimum cellular organization of a simple multicellular organism and create a system that changes with time where I can modify elements and methods to identify a close match to process and link that to a mitochondrial emulator. I am deciding on the tools I will use to act as the basic instruction set of the M processor.
  1. Write append
  2. Delete
  3. Execute
  4. Read copy
  5. Seek
  6. Label and save
  7. Recover by name append.
  8. Delete named item.
It seems that basically I am describing a file system and would require the same type of mechanisms as any file system. I think that if I make good design choices I can use parallel search in a content addressable way and even near content addressability. Mixing object and methods and methods that affect methods themselves. By using a processor which is naturally self replicating, I escape the need to purchase computing power and I can make the design completely parallel to have speeds in a range dependent on complexity, which then keeps complex designs from becoming slow in practice. I can then incorporate a specific sensor apparatus with the system such that I can encapsulate the device, project it into space and send the ordered sequence of operations that build it from it's core. Essentially a network boot of a physical self replicating processor across space. The idea of using an entropic nano-machine is not reasonable. The attractor which has existed for billions of years is a better design than I could ever develop in the near term.

In terms of mind hacking and the willingness to remain within a social group for protection because it affords the best chance of survival. This might have been true even yesterday, but now it is obvious that FUD can be implemented at a higher scale than the propaganda organizations. Without the advanced mind control or advertisement organizations will find themselves behind the curve of human manipulation. These tools will become more effective and the only way for a person to be safe is to learn to reject the control mechanisms. I know why this is not taught in school, it is because the system is designed to funnel people into slavery and submission and teaching them how it is done would be counterproductive to the establishment of power.

The methods I described earlier is the only rational way of space travel development. The minimum cost involved is what allows a boot strapping technique which is necessary to use materials at a remote location to allow for expansion. The idea that nations own space is a bit silly as it would require that nations would have to monitor the molecular activity of every square foot of the planet and this is absurd. Here within the United States, and other military oligarchies, the government only serves to restrict the potential and freedom of it's inhabitants and make them less competitive. With the understanding of the underlying physics of the universe and a simple self replicating core programmable organism it is possible to advance human exploration fairly quickly. I am very confused why a country would go to the effort of delivering a mechanism to a remote planet (Mars) and not incorporate complete re-programmability of every aspect of the process control system. It seems a waste of effort when it is possible to take simple elements and combine them in complexity to make a continual operable system. They seem to be worried about contaminating the universe when all information implies that it is self contaminating.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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