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There has been a lot of news about the music and video industry and it's attempts to enforce copyright law. They have mechanisms as well as strong arm court methods and chips and sophisticated tracking methods. There is one problem with this as it does not include all copyrighted material. The open source material and it's use is being excluded by this process and the rights of those who produce individually copyrighted articles or images or inventions. I have seen a blatant disregard for the rights of those who produce software for others and it is a willful disregard for the property of others. The actions of the RIAA and DRM have made themselves a separate law which is supported by the governments and used against people. The selective enforcement of law is a violation of the law by the government itself. If I only prosecute people who are not political contributors or favorites of the government officials, the government becomes a monarchy.

I have equal rights to those who produce movies and patents and other restricted intellectual property and I am not allowed those rights. The law is simply a tool of an organized criminal conspiracy that uses the ideas of everyone and gives those ideas and rights to profit from them to a few. The structure of government as it exists today needs a large input of cash and the only way that the political machine can work is if they get their graft from the largest and most effective criminals.

I have seen my copyrighted ideas used by major corporations and governments without a single thought as to my rights. It is simply an issue of "might makes right". This kind of activity may have been effective in the days of tribal society, but it is a method that guarantees the death of the human race if it is applied in a technological society.

Let me make it absolutely clear. In a society that used the physical force of life ( wolves, jackals ), the most damage that could be done was limited to one or two elements as the others could band together to overcome any foe. As apes evolved these same techniques they developed the use of tools and it was possible for an element to do damage to several individuals and therefore the structure had to change. As technology has progressed, the effectiveness of some individually produced weapons has advanced to the point that an individual can destroy thousands and organizations can destroy all life. As the process continues, the mere fact that someone feels that they have the right to misuse technology and government and to further their own interests above those of others, it is only a matter of time before someone picks up one of those rocks and throws it. The monopolists and members of the political oligarchy feel that they can grab any tool that serves them to promote and extend their personal interest. The two fold problem comes from those who challenge the rule and those who reject slavery. Those who further this process of gang rule could care less as to the ultimate fate of humanity. It is by their own nature that they only care about the pleasure and well being of their own flesh. I am sure that they realize this fact and this is one of their advantages. They don't care what happens next, they only care what they can get at the moment. The idea that government supports society is absurd. Much like the problem of terrorism, the nature of the threat is measured in it's damage to the ability of the oligarchy to continue. They clearly understand that what they are doing is wrong when weighed against the equal rights of humanity, they simply do not care.

The idea of the sword and sheild that is inherent in this tribal style rule of the world has passed it's effectiveness as a social structure, those who support, maintain, and profit from it will cling to it to their very last breath and the are obviously committed to maintain it to the point of destroying the earth itself. The longer that it continues, the greater damage will be done to the earth and the potential for continued life. I suspect that we have come to a crossroad that inaction against the tribal rule carries no greater penalty than allowing it to consume the planet it it's last lurch of locust frenzy.

Those who hold power promise a great damage if they are opposed in their personal interest and I am sure they mean this. It is the concept that they can control technology in such a way that no enslaved person will find the tool to dismantle the framework of virtual slavery. It is clear that this is not true. At this very moment, methods and tools exist to neutralize the power they so religiously cherish. In my opinion it is not a matter of war or destruction or force that answers this problem, but a choice or plurality of decision among people to rule themselves and to exclude anyone from a position of power, who profits from that position. It must be non-profitable to have a position of trust.

To act against another cannot lead to subjectively better survival. Survival of the most effective elements must be made upon the interest of the survival of life itself.

A good analogy to this concept is the nature of evolution itself. The very nature of cancer and the immune system is the nature of individual power and those who choose to destroy the very structure and possibility of continued life for their own gain.

The idea of allowing cancer to proceed as a way of government guarantees war. If I have a weapon that is more effective than any government, which allows me to usurp their power, the only progress that can proceed from this is a new cancer. In the process, the diversity of life itself will be killed.

I think that the recognition of this does not come easy to most and it requires example to allow them to see what takes place. A smiling friendly face does not mean that a person is friendly. It is obvious that many people have learned how to mimic this trait for their benefit ( actors, serial killers, con men, politicians ). It is the product of action which represents the motives of others. I see that catastrophe after catastrophe ensues while government claims that it is acting in the interest of people. The gullibility and lack of effective education as to the nature of this method leads to continuous abuse of power. I see in the present state of the world, the makings of a time of humanity that ensues from this love of power that promises to make the depression and second world war seem like a cartoon parody.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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