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I was looking at some things about global warming and it was clear that manipulation was at work and it is not hard to see who is behind it. I guess the method is to define what you want in a marketing sense and then create the delusion in people that makes them choose a specific action.

I wonder how obvious this manipulation of people is to others? In the blogosphere it might be perceived in one way by susceptible individuals and another by thinking people. It is obvious that the same methods of manipulation are making their way into the internet. People can be manipulated to believe almost anything. I am no exception to that. I seems that if you don't doubt every single fact from every source that you will get burned as this is what goes on constantly. The cheapest way to get power is to simply manipulate others with words.

The propaganda methods are very advanced and they seem to get more advanced every year. It is not my science and so it is a bit unfamiliar. I just find it hard to believe my own perception of what is happening. If you can fool most of the people then you can do almost anything. You can use this plurality to impose the delusion on everybody. It is actually kind of disturbing. You can model people like play-dough and then do it again 2 days later and they are no less susceptible. I guess it is hundreds of generations of enslavement that has bred a population of sheep people that move where they are prodded. It really disturbs me to see it. I have wondered if a person is already dead if they allow their life to be consumed in illusion or drugs or propaganda. I think it is true, there is no mind left with which to oppose any idea or to determine the veracity of any statement. The perception becomes the false reality which serves the person who creates it. It is a handy tool for politicians and business. Mind hacking. It seems to be a very simple science after all.

This is very much so, and there seems to be no real solution as there is a population of people without the necessary skills to defend themselves against brain hacking. It seems to be a lot like the Window$ operating system. It is so vulnerable and prevalent that no security or advanced functionality is ever going to be possible in it's framework. I could offer hundreds of technological solutions for people, but their greatest enemy is their own mind.

I think I understand why they don't wake up, it is too painful to live in reality. A strict interpretation of the function of the human mind and the method that it programs would make this a common mode flaw. It is natural to avoid pain, even if it means avoiding reality also.

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Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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