Much worse than the confusion of unseen meaning in words, the way in which a person would view and respond to the world is dependent upon their situation. The cost of oil may seem an irritant to some, but it is life and death to others. If it were winter here it would be quite different. The thing that is an obvious consequence of limited ( restricted for profit ) resource is the fact that many more people will die for lack of heat in the winter months. I don't have a real answer to all this. I think about a desert with a water well and if someone were to control that well by force, they could decide who would live or die by their choices.

Strangely, I hear no screams from Bill Gates that this horrible monopoly of action is killing people indirectly by their choice to seek personal profit and power over reason.

I wonder if I could create a method to reduce the level of oxygen in the world under my control. I would think that I could bring the planet to it's knees quite quickly. Once I had collected all the sources of potential oxygen, then I could restrict the creation of new devices that interfere with my monopoly. If people did not cooperate I could just reduce the oxygen supply until they caved in or died.

I saw a show with Bill Gates discussing his new situation and I have to say this guy is really sneaky and talented in that way. I had wondered years ago, how he would extract his money from Microsoft before it's fall without anybody catching on to his intent.

P.T. Barnum once said there is a sucker born every minute and I guess that the ability to trust others could be considered a negative, when it is abused without consequence.

The culture that has come from the industrial revolution has brought a great deal of benefit to humanity. The romance of the machine is not well founded. The only way for technology to advance to the next level is to develop biotechnology. It is possible to have the same results with biotechnology as machines with the distinct advantage that it is not entropic. Robots and other mechanical machines are just tools of slavery. This will not change for hundreds of years however.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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