Individual Freedom

I see that there is a serious attempt to incorporate hardware in every entertainment device to allow broadcasters to control content. The inclusion of a security chip in every computer seems very invasive. I know it has been done for decades now and I am sure that even the most knowledgeable may not know the real scale of it. I worked in the semiconductor fabrication business and was in a design position so I could read the writing on the wall. The things that are done are hidden in complexity and some of these people are true artists. I would certainly get myself in trouble if I named names and organizations so I will leave it at that. I am sure it is true in other countries also. I would bet that high level security organizations in all countries would find it an easy trick to incorporate a little extra something in every chip sold to allow them a new power. After all , that is what it is all about, power of a few over many. It creeps like a flooding river, the erosion of personal freedom and the exclusion of those in power from scrutiny, when they are the ones who really need to be watched with both feet.

This is one of the reasons I make my own hardware, use my own communications tools, and like the idea of Linux on a cellular mitochondrial computer. People have been free to do what they want with copyright material since it was first introduced and apparently there is a change now and this is the excuse that is to be used to invade the lives of everyone. Privacy is a complex issue and has many facets. There are valid reasons for people to keep things to themselves. I would guess that if the governments have nothing to hide then there is no need for security. Why does the government feel that it has a right to conceal information from people and that peole have no right to conceal information for their reasons. It makes the assumption that I can have no valid reason to conceal information from others. If the government is killing people who oppose them, I would guess that I would have a valid reason to hide myself. Once I have given up that freedom, I am at the mercy of people who have never been known for mercy.

Supposedly our constitution is arranged such that certain freedoms cannot be taken away or added without changing the constitution. Strangely, even though the constitution forbids the government from waging war without declaration, torture, detention, violation of Geneva convention, it has been done. So the constitution is right out the window. People might think I am being wacky to say I live in a military oligarchical dictatorship, but what else can it be if there is no guarantee of my freedoms and the freedom of the government to act against anyone is unrestricted. These things have a tendency to get worse and I am sure that they will. The inclusion of technologies that allow a greater control of individuals and invasion of their privacy ensures that the point when people realize they are slaves may be too late.

The excuse for all this is security. I do not feel more secure.

I can see that it becomes ever more likely there will be a law banning open source software and hardware as subversive.

It makes my head hurt to think about it. Clearly they are doing something wrong and there is no method or mechanism to repair it. It will simply continue until it is a new living nightmare. It saddens me also, people could have the stars as their own and greed and lust for power drags them into a pit of control that will only be released when people are free to choose their own destiny in space.

I think that what government and industries conceal under the guise of security is the dealings that manipulate the economy and people. I would bet if the information was available that it would be clear that somebody is playing monopoly with the world oil supply. It is a threat by those who hold power. They will starve the serfs into submission.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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