Python OpenGL Matrix and math and AI

I really made some significant progress toward an integration of the various different packages and methods and see there is much to be gained in combining all these technologies with the others I have. I mainly want a coherent VR interface that works well with me so I can interact at the visual and speech level to find, explore, understand, and implement what I find interesting. I am not content with the planet Earth and if I could walk on another planet that would make me happy. The vast reaches of space seem like the ultimate mystery that must hold some really astounding new experiences. It is possible and with the right tools and knowledge it can be done. The trip to the moon and Mars is fantastic as it is done with technologies and restraints that seem archaic. There was some great creativity to achieve those goals, but there are many more things possible that could give the edge to making the leap to the stars. The history of invention is spotted with leaps and extensions. It is time for a new type of technology and the refinement of it for common use.

Presently I am extending my latest adventure to incorporate new circuits and nano devices. I have a much better grasp of the math that accompanies these things and I may have been trying to understand something that is not there in math. It is like programming. A function is a function an if you look at it too deeply it might seem to be more than that, but it is still just a function.

I happened on one sweet tool that extends OOM's in a new way and I had done some work on that before and now I have worked out a method framework for it. I am not going to make any attempt to develop the methods cross platform beyond Linux as it means extra work.

My greatest problem continues to be the fact that there are so many talented and creative people who have done work that I cannot keep up with it all.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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