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I am just beginning to form an effective tool for this and so there are many revelations that come and many analogies. Power is like a drug, and those who seek it cannot stop themselves from seeking it. It is a lack of valid intellectual process that makes them vulnerable. There are some techniques that I use in security that are common knowledge if you are a student of that area. One technique is to establish a 'honey pot' to lure 'Winnie the Pooh'. I can draw a bad hacker to a target that seems to be a noob mistake and lure them in the same way that they lure their prey. The technique is not the answer, it is the way in which it is applied. The police do sting operations and it is a useful tool. The problem with the process is that they get to decide who to 'sting'. I had a post about the Arizona legislature and how they responded like Pavlov dogs to a bribe. If the tools are used to further the process that is inherently corrupt then the result will be the same. There are privacy laws and they seem only to apply to people of power. I read a story once about how horrible people invaded the cell phone privacy of a senator when he was making a crooked deal. I think it is a federal felony ( only if you listen to a politician ).

So Winnie cannot resist the honey and he will do everything in his power to destroy those who set out the honey pots that get them caught. The plurality of solution is it's strength. If a common tool is available that entraps and disables those who seek to use others for inappropriate personal gain, then ultimately the advantage of such actions will be useless.

The idea of having a mock system of children as a tool to identify those who would prey on children is valid. It is not taken far enough however. I had a thought a few years ago and it was humorous to me, but it is a bit of a dark humor I guess. I wondered if a (serial killer)-killer would be the ultimate predator.

I read a good article about the history of Unix,Linux and M$ and I guess I will put a link here. A person can loose a whole day or even several with these things. I have a tendency to fixate on these until I get all the information. Here is the link.

I spent 4 days reading every entry in the LKML and I learned a lot of things. Like most things I read I have to reread it again to get some of the more subtle aspects and it takes at least one nights sleep for me to integrate some of the methods. I guess it depends on how deep and unfamiliar the subject matter is. I should reread the whole thing again with the new information I have, but time is the fire that burns our lives "Star Trek".


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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