Texas Oil Hold-em

My thought process seems to run on it's own rules. I have been studying economics and stocks and oil and energy and I think I have found a flaw in the techniques that governments and economists use to get money.

The economy is like a no limit Texas hold-em game and the person with the biggest 'stack' can bully the table by going 'all-in' on every hand. It is the assumption that this method is unbeatable in practice, because it has always worked. The recent housing fiasco is a sign that this is not at all true. So long as the government inserts itself in the games that go badly ( government banks bail-out ) there seems to be no limit. The government has the final say in any hand as they can just print new money to keep their favorites in the game.

This technique only goes so far and they know as well as others that you can't get something for nothing ( conservation of energy ) and as a result, they need to get another money win from some source to make their cheat work.

The reason I am posting about this is that the sure win position that these monopolists have taken is actually weak in practice. The problem is that they are not 'called'. There are obvious solutions which can win in any hand and the position does not determine which cards will be dealt. I won't belabor this analogy any more and get to the answer.

Big money and power has put itself in on this game and they do not have any way to know what will come in technology. It is obvious that they are grasping at straws. The common techniques that are used to amplify money are good in a situation where technology does not change during the process of the hand. These are not idiots and they obviously understand that their hand is not going to be good very much longer. This leads to desperate moves that shows their weakness. On a long position there must always be a short. The people who will lose most are those secondary people who look at big money and follow it.

The money needed to fund a valid solution can be derived from the process of monopoly itself. I am not a big fan of Bill'$ social principles, but his economic methods are effective. He was able to leverage against the monopolies to achieve his goals. As I said, I don't agree with his social goals, but I have to understand that his techniques were effective. I had the opportunity to see how these worked by being in the middle of the various players as a consultant to all of them.

I am treading on dangerous ground ( non-disclosure ) and so I can't give specific details without being tagged with a law suit, but the method was obvious.

This is not a complete theory as I have just begun to develop it but I will try to implement it and report the results. Here is an analogy ( I have seen this used in practice ). Two big dinosaurs rule the land and the the small creatures have to hide to stay alive. I start by getting the scent of one of the monsters and spread it is such a way that they meet to struggle over a big carcass. They are not thinking creatures and fail to realize that they are being drawn into a conflict that will leave them both wounded beyond repair. When the battle is over, there is a big meal for all the little creatures. If you are a monopolist, you would create the same situation again by being the gate to it, but bad ideas, are just bad to begin with.

The activities of people who seek only personal gain in every process they enter eventually destroy themselves. At this moment, the technology and tools that could help others is hidden, undeveloped and stagnant, simply because the reality that common effort produces greater results is rejected by people of limited thought process.

My solution is to create a method that continually draws these elements into conflict over the foolish goals that they accept. If a method which is effective is introduced, it creates a tool that meets this flaw as it arises and pushes it into history where it deserves to live. Essentially it is a method that is effective on people who accept and act on greed and cannot pull themselves away from that flaw and continue to destroy everyone and everything around them for their hopeless goal.

I can look at the big picture of the world and the internet and technology and I can see that this technique is being used right now and it is effective, however the motives of these people is to further the process itself and not to dissolve it. Being old I have a long perspective on many things. I remember when I was younger and I was involved in a particular corporate struggle. Ther were things going on that seemed to derive from bad social behavior of a few a**holes and with the perspective of time I see that this was a purposeful and directed action of the person who gained by it's confusion.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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