Morality of bacteria

In some aspects there are analogies to draw from the world of bacteria. In it's very beginnings the balance of creation and destruction is what allows for change. Life is not static, it is by it's very nature dynamic. In order to create new structure it is necessary to dissolve older structure. The symbiosis of life requires that this balance exist because of the structure of the universe itself. I would not consider replacing worms and ants and fungi with centrally controlled nano-machines to be the foundation of life. It is not reasonable. The expense of this type of control destroys it's utility.

I am sure that I do not mourn the death of every cell in my body or every bacteria that lives in my vicinity. I am also sure that they feel no pain and have no feelings at all since they have no neural structure. A chemical compound does not feel pain. There is a distinct difference between the structure of consciousness and simply reflex neural process. The thing that many project on other life is the very reason that they have life in that sense. In a connected world, the loss of others is appreciated and the loss of self is reflected in that whole. If I feel myself to be a part of all things, then I cannot help but realize that the loss of "me" will affect others negatively in the same way that their loss affects me and then reflexively all. If someone dies and I feel that they are 'community' then it is a loss to all. Those who simply create loss as a profession are not mourned by me. They cannot possibly accept the same principles that I embrace. It hurts me to lose a part of the world, because I see it as a whole. I also know that many people experience life in this same way. If a person acts knowing that what they do is reflected in all then it is a foundation for morality. The ego which decides that no other life is a part of them and that sensation is their only determinant of existence is not really pained by the loss of those they destroy. It is a state of mind, a recognition and acceptance of the fact that the old saying 'No man is an Island' is true. It is not a religious or moral principle, it is simply a situation which can exist between people if they accept and are accepted by others. I would guess at the moment that this is perhaps the nature of 'love'.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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