Corners of the mind

Firstly I saw a comment about using M$ to represent Microsoft or MSFT as being disrespectful and childish and I like using it that way for several reasons. I am lazy. It conveys the concept of Me before morality. It is disrespectful and that is intended. If Hitler doesn't like being parodied, he can throw me in the oven, until then I will do what I want.

There has been something about the presidents in the US that has been making me uneasy for nearly 20 years and I think I finally put my finger on what it is. I remember Eisenhower as president and he seemed to be very sad and developed wrinkles and looked as if he was being crushed by a horrible weight when he was president. It is the responsibility for the lives of others that weighs on a moral person. It would not be possible for me to wake each day chirping like a song bird if I had to make a choice to kill 100,000 people. I would never be over it and the weight of it would show in my character face and life. The recent presidents show a psychological character that is indicative of a sociopath.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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