I see they have passed a bill for warrant less wiretaps and that is all well and good, but how can we trust the people who get the information? If they are watching us, who is watching them? Since there is brain scan technology to determine if a person is lying, I guess that if politicians have nothing to hide then they can answer a few simple questions like:

  1. Do you take bribes.
  2. Do you commit crimes
  3. Do you use public information for private gain
  4. Do you know what you are doing
  5. Are you the best qualified for this job
  6. Do you really care about people
I wouldn't think that these type of things could be considered as national security exclusions and they should not avoid them unless they have something to hide. Those who hold great power should be more scrutinized than any individual, as their activities have greater effect. You could watch me all day and at most you would find out that I sometimes don't do laundry when I should. I am sure that this merits a wire tap.

The sad thing about the set of questions is that most people realize that they would answer Yes Yes Yes No No No ( if they were honest ).

They had a sting operation on the Arizona legislature about 17 years ago and they set up a phony Las Vegas businessman to get gambling legislation passed. If I remember correctly, all but one took the bribes for votes and one even asked if they could get more money if they voted for something else that was needed. It was all on video tape and it didn't create a national outcry so I have to assume that everyone already knows that if the government gets unlimited access to anything the will misuse that information for their personal gain. I guess this is the system we have. That sucks.

The people who came to America wanted to escape the oppression, taxes, state religion, and corrupt European rulers. I would think that if they saw what has come of America, they wouldn't have wasted the time to move.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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