Light in order

I do wish I already knew everything and then it would be much easier to decide what to say. I would probably seem more intelligent also. Red shift. If I accelerate, I would see everything shifted, if a system accelerated 4 billion miles away there would be no red shift until it got here. The order of action says that red shift generated by my acceleration is immediate, and that from a distant source is delayed. Distant changes do not happen before local changes. There is also an issue of the difference in type of shift. These two types of shifted state changes are different in other aspects. This is what I mean about equivalence of motion. There is none.

I have been reading some very elegant science on light and I wonder if they are trying to be confusing, or whether they are confused? Perhaps I can be the same way, thinking that people who read things are aware of the context [ and completely versed in the same skill set ]. I will be very interested in the outcome of the quantum entanglement experiment in space.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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