Context: This link at Overcoming Bias. I enjoyed the mind play there and I understand what they are saying. There is a large difference between someone who is classically trained and one who is self trained. I always hated that I missed some critical things in many areas and also enjoyed that I was not forced to endure some of the dogma. Just for a laugh, it is about Bug Eyed monsters kidnapping and raping women and how this is a fallacy and that is true that lizards are not likely to find women attractive and also the mating would be ineffective. The only odd part of it is that humans are the goofy exceptions as they have been known to find members of other species attractive. People have an unlimited ability to do things wrong and the expression of this is sometimes bizarre. I found the idea of "currying" new and somewhat informative, though I have my own name for it.

Second context at arXiv. I am considering EPR and it is true, but the reason is something different. The dogmatic nature of Einstein's philosophy seems to indicate self delusion, more than reasonable consideration of facts to find a valid framework that is effective in predicting. An intelligent person may be able to apply reason, but he does not own the method.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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