Thoughts on owning logic

I was considering the association of people with ideas and I wondered if the moment you express an idea, it no longer is your property and becomes the property of any who hear it. If I keep a secret about some technique I develop then it is certainly my property since I am the only one aware of it. I am going to step through this and see if there is a basic rule to be applied globally to this situation. If I were a monkey and I was connecting two sticks and a vine to show that I could make a bow, and then expected to own the knowledge, it would be quite difficult to implement without applying force to everybody. In addition, a monkey half way across the world could come up with the same concept. I could combine two notes and somebody could say that is a great song. I could say I own that song. I could combine blue and green to get blue-green and then say that I own the color combination. If my computer makes music at random and it is judged by people and then selected by that criteria, who is the owner of the value there? The computer has no idea what will be pleasing and the human is not making the combinations. Even this rumination could be considered a work of my mind and thus protected, however, I have said it and someone may read it. I do not control the world and how would I go about keeping others from using this reasoning?

Separately I have discovered a technique and this will be my personal property until someone solves the same thing. I see a basic flaw in the structure of controlled society that has emerged from technology and information. I see a great power that can be applied to the societies of the Earth and results in the inability of governments to be effective in their methods. Some things are corner effects and they require just one final thing to be implemented. The straw that ... Like many logical things the basics of how it operates have always been present, and it is just waiting for the piece that completes it. A bow is a useful hunting tool, but it is not as effective without an arrow.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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