Mind is functioning

For some reason my mind is functioning at a better level than usual and I suppose it is intermittent depression. So I will share my ability to cut through the crap and get to the issues.

I see a situation coming from the DNA business. It should have been one of the first businesses and would have been a good start-up. It isn't a new idea and was presented in Gattaca. The people were genetically engineered and they sought those who would have good traits by dating with a gene scan. There are services that provide disease testing for couples so that they can avoid diseases when they choose a partner and this seems a good tool. With the cost of testing going down, ( I can do it in my kitchen if I wanted for about 1/100 of what commercial companies are charging. ) It is a matter of leveraging the self replication of the elements.

Anyway, if it is possible to detect a gene combination which leads to an a**hole then it would seem that if you can't tell the true nature of a person by their actions because most people are basically deceptive, then it would be a quick check to save yourself trouble and scan a person to see if they have the Hitler gene :)

If I were making a comic of this it would be like Christopher Walken in "Dead Zone". A girl walks up to a potential date and has a gene detector in the palm of her hand. She shakes the boy's hand and draws back in fright as she detects the beeping of the Hitler gene.

I am sorry, I can't possibly date you, you have too many SNP's


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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