AI mind and sex

This link about AI on slashdot has helped to clarify some issues that I was considering.

I posted earlier about making an AI and joked about excluding 90% of all thought as being related to sex and I have to consider that less of a joke and more of a reality. I look at the world and I see in the patterns of how the society works and it reflects a similar structure in simian society. A dominant male establishes his right to breed and continue by force. This leads to a continuous evolution toward a physically stronger and longer lived creature. I am not denegrating the process that creates a more effective product. I don't reject it any more than any other process that leads to a more effective solution. It is not the process that I see as wrong, but the level of it. In order for this mechanism to exist, every member must have this dominant / passive nature. The only difference between those who serve the pack and those who rule the pack is the selection process based upon dominance by whatever method. It is a precursor structure to something which could be effective,

Not all individuals have this characteristic. There is a certain percent of people who neither bow to rule or rule to make others bow. The concept ( dominance rule ) is valid in one sense that it produces a more effective individual. It is inherently flawed as it requires a singular specialized function to operate. It is similar to the design of single process computers. It only requires one bad instruction to stop a single threaded computer.

The net result of this kind of process is a more skilled and destructive predator. This is however a bad evolutionary strategy overall. It is doomed to failure due to the fact that a more successful strategy replaces it and still allows for growth. There is a transition point in AI and many things that doesn't show up unless you look at the situation from a broader perspective.

It is the insistence that individual action has individual consequence that is self destructive to the process of form. I am sure that single celled organisms ruled the planet at one time. I also see that the mechanisms that function at the cellular level continue to function in the selection process of life. The cells continue and survive within the framework of the organism. It is the difference in existentialism between exact replication and persistence forever and recurring existentialism. I am reminded of a song sung by Johny Cash. A tornado will recur in it's form because of the structure of the world. I don't think it is conscious of that fact however. If I were a tornado of being, I could see where I had been born before in some odd way.

I am not suggesting some cosmic religion of rebirth, I am simply saying that a person can exist as they have before. They can also recognize that fact. I see some individuals throughout history ( or even today ) that think, act and function in virtually the same way that I do. As time goes by, less of the self destructive elements of an organism survive because they consume everything including themselves. The state of humanity is such that these elements of egocentric destructive entities are faced with a survival scenario which is impossible. It is necessary to isolate and control the destructive component to have a stable society. The assembly and destruction of matter is necessary for life and there must be a balance.

This is an analogy. In the snake it has poison to kill and a structure to contain it. It requires three things:

  1. The poison.
  2. The containment.
  3. The framework.

I had some thoughts on molecular evolution and this is probably the best analogy. Amino acids. Environment that promotes the combination of amino acids. A product amino acid sequence that promotes amino acid synthesis. A sequence that breaks amino acid sequences. This breaks itself also. An amino acid sequence that neutralizes the destructive enzyme. A sequence that can be triggered to become destructive. The structure which controls them all.

Part 2

I have had some success with my Super Tux Kart physics world and I have come to the conclusion that I can produce room temperature and above super conductors and elements that act to produce the Meissner-Ochsenfeld effect. I have a hard time keeping up with what others have done as I spent most of my time determining the basis elemental structure of the universe. Any valid system must explain every physical effect that happens in a coherent way. I could say that daylight is a square wave function of day*2*pi

sin( day* 2 π )

and I would be correct. This does not tell you anything about the causal relationships that exist.

I have been having a lot of fun with blender and I am implementing some physics based on charged particles. I always liked the physics in some of the "Doom" games more than the scoring. I liked the ball bearing cannon most. I am making some changes in the AI to make it way more intelligent. The collision physics is weak and I am going to improve that. I am also changing some object attributes to indicate the slickness of a surface. I am making a better speedometer that is keyed to sound to allow adjustment based on the engine sound. I may be treading into Torcs ( or Armagetron) territory. I mainly want to implement my ideas to see what methods are most effective in a full VR system. I am just sand boxing with Super Tuxkart. It is fun though and I am learning a lot of things about NURBS and SURFS and ray tracing and effective user interface. The scripts is my next major hurdle, but should be my most effective point since I have so much programming experience.

Part 3

<sarcasm >

I am in awe of the military of this world. They are the greatest minds in history and I must emulate their behavior. I realize that the more toxic material I keep around me the safer I am. I need to store radioactive material, chemical warfare, explosives, nerve gas and weapons all over where I live to make me safe. I should even hang a gun outside the door to make it convenient to shoot people on the porch. I see no problem with creating more and more weapons, it just makes me safer. There is no chance they will be used against me or those I care about. I should even make weapons that I could never hope to keep control of, because some divine nature of myself will preserve me. Even in the face of all evidence to the contrary, this is the wisest course of action. It could kill things long after I am dead too, which is a plus. Just like land mines, they just keep on killing innocent people long after they have served their purpose. It isn't immoral or irrational that I would produce something that would kill my own grand children, as the military and government is the height of human evolution!
</sarcasm >


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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