On top of the almost continuous confusion of language and intent and willful deception and just plain misunderstanding there is a basic fallacy about the way people work with physics. I see these things happen in all the sciences. It is difficult to get rid of a flawed system because so many people are used to using it. So there is a basic and glaring flaw in the way the universe is described and predicted which leads to the core confusion of dichotomy. I didn't realize it until I did the STK and realized that I use a completely different method to describe and compute the relationships of matter. To me it is consistent and predictive, which is all that matters. I suspect that someone has put a twist in the physics methods and I would not say that is is willful obfuscation since it occurred hundreds of years ago. The whole idea is as different as clockwork and chaos. I think that at some time in the past, scientists decided there could be a clockwork universe. The advent of the machine was probably that point. Scientists have been trying to force that model ever since. I only want to have a system where I can understand and operate in the universe. The philosophical implications of the universe cannot be made without a good basic understanding of how things work.

Obviously, the carts and horses are all mixed up.

I am continuing my analysis of Rubik's cube with the ( order, set, vector, and dimension interaction there is sure to help me with other things. I know there is a solving program for Rubik and the point is not to solve it, but to develop the problem solving skills in this area so I can apply them to a higher dimension.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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