Coherence of information

I saw an interesting article at Overcoming Bias and it makes a great deal of sense. It was something that I already understood as a property of the biological system. I spent quite a bit of time trying to repair designs that I had limited access to documentation ( source and schematics ). As a result I developed some techniques to identify how systems operate so that I could repair them. It makes sense that Einstein did not have a "super brain" but may have collected a thought mutation. What I mean by that is: a person runs into different information and accepts certain things based upon their experience. As a result, everything you view is based on your own set of information. I could accidentally make a lab mistake and produce a new compound and this is considered one of the common ways in which invention arises. In the mind, the same thing can happen. A person who is kept from information is not likely to come to any good solutions.

The projections that are made from the observation of the system of mind do seem to hold true as a general principle. The egocentric view that many people develop in competition is counter to the physics of process.

Yes evolution is not driven by reason and it has a tendency to be a concert of action. The act of evolution is not a god however, it is just one more of those basic facts of the universe.

On another subject I see a large pattern in the universe which is more clear to me now. The wealth of information that exists from the new telescopes is clarifying and extending the ability to know the universe and I see that the handedness of biological molecules is actually a product of a deeper handedness in the universe.

I am beginning to have better methods of dealing with the massive flow of information on the internet. Just like my code tools, I am developing tools that allow me to determine, quickly, whether a concept is new and valid, or it is a replay of a situation that I have already dealt with.

When I was younger I went through hundreds of phases dealing with the information in the world and it is not a smooth path. The world is full of deception and tools to abuse and use the minds of others. I see some younger people who latch onto concepts that they will certainly reject later.

The worst of what goes on in the world is that many people just give up under the strain of trying to survive in a harsh world.

On a humorous note, I saw some research on a specific electronic effect and when I looked at their research and conclusions, I had a really great laugh. I guess it is at their expense. I don't feel that I need to correct people who want to hide their research and knowledge to leverage it against others. Obviously, if they knew the truth, they would simply use that against me and others. It is motive and not ability that is the great determinant in whether a tool will be useful or destructive. I can hardly observe and extend the research of others if they obfuscate the results and methods for personal gain. It all comes back to haunt everyone.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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