On a limb

I am going to make a prediction that others may not like. I am certain that the experiment to test quantum entanglement will fail. I have been studying it a bit and my best guess is that it bears a striking resemblance to the concept of duality of light and that the basis is in that area. I know people would like to have time machines and instantaneous transporters, the problem is that the universe gets the final say in any disagreement with scientists.

I was watching TV again today and it always a depressing thing to see the image behind the image. I mainly wanted to listen to George Carlin's routines, but stayed to watch some of the manipulation. If you develop a keen eye you can see the motives of the method. Clearly advertisement is intended to induce you to buy. I am unhappy that I have so much ad crap in my brain, I should have watched less TV and read more as a child. I suppose I would not have had enough information to be able to discern the techniques they use however. It is odd how these things work. I can look at a "news" article and see what they are mind mashing people into. The constant product reinforcement is nothing compared to the deep work that they do to keep the minds mushy. One of the news items was obviously a tracer round that was going to be used to test the effectiveness of a specific technique. Like testing fish to see what bait works best.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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