Morality and science

It is called political science and the science of law. It is odd however that incorporated in the basic premise of the law is the concept that deception and abuse of the rules of law is accepted practice. It is quite odd and sets a bad precedent for other science and people in general. If I get a degree in Nuclear Physics, it would seem that I have a right to drop atomic bombs on anyone and it is moral because I am a member of the bomb squad. Or I could poison people with radioactive materials. I would merely be using the skill of my profession in a creative way, just like a lawyer might lie to the court to achieve the result he wished. If I have a degree in genetics, it would seem that if a lawyer came to me and asked for a cure, I would give him an incurable disease or poison for which only I had the antidote. I would further arrange with other members of my profession, that if a lawyer did not like the process that they would act in harmony to poison every lawyer.

I guess the reason that law has such a common evil practice is that it is related to the application of power and the corruption that comes with power is exemplified there. There is much said about the horrible excesses of scientific abuse, but it pales to the direct and accepted abuse of process.

I saw an article on the Earth's magnetic core and it is odd as I was wondering if anybody was tracking this just the other day. There are lots of things that should convince people that they live in a glass house ( meteors, hurricanes, floods, chaotic process, etc.) but one that is a real sneaky one is likely to catch humanity by surprise. That is the magnetic shift. I would have to believe that there are lines of force around the galaxy and it would seem that the planet would pass through these on a regular basis ( in the cosmic sense ). A reversal of the magnetic poles would probably set the world back about 200 years rather quickly. Another combination thought that I had is about the careful avoidance of biological contamination and the Mars rover. This seems odd to me for many reasons, but mainly because they had a probe that collected genetic material in free space and this must end up on the surface of planets and other objects. It is a little odd that they would worry about contamination because they seem to assume that DNA or something else has a magical property of planet transformation. The material that exists on this planet is "compatible" with the system that it operates within. It isn't like I can extract DNA from a bacteria and then throw it at a wall and create the blob. The balanced relationship of numerous organisms is what makes complexity possible. There are numerous symbiotic relationships that are required for life to operate.

The worry might be that if life existed, then a single odd virus might wipe out complex life. I guess if that were so then it would have to be fairly tenuous to begin with. I don't think "War of the Worlds" logic applies.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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