Finished Time Traveler's Wife

Okay I liked the book but there were a couple things that I think are very odd and disturbing, but Stephen King has that effect on me too (I found "IT" to be very disturbing). It reminded me of the style of Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger. It is an interesting study to investigate personality issues between men and women however. There are at least three places where the logic of how men in general think was obviously wrong, and understandable. As science fiction I can't accept it as it follows the old and -wrong- opinion that time is a dimension. There is no such thing. Some things just aren't possible. The amount of change can never be smaller. Change is translated from a singularity to infinity and defines the direction of the application of change. Just because things have a property does not imply that they are a "dimension". The characteristics of actual dimensions are quite a bit different than the nature of a measurable property such as time. I could say that I traveled in the blue dimension to the color aquamarine and back using my color machine. It is simply a literary mechanism (like "Deus ex machina")that allows a wide range of situations to be explored like Dr Who and Stargate. Next is to finish Hamlet.


Jessica said...

Thanks for noticing my blog... I just saw your comment as I've not posted in awhile.

I am not a scientist, but would like to hear more about some of your perspectives as they sound interesting. To start, somewhere you mentioned the existence of God can be proven. (Are you religious or spiritual; do you see a difference between the two?) And you also had somewhat of a run-on of comments about love (loving/being in-love/desiring, etc.)

(Apologies for this comment not directly relating to the book...)

Paul Mohr said...

I will try to respond completely on my web site but you have chosen to ask the big questions.
I think that looking at your profile and interests that you are sandbagging me a bit if you have an interest in nanotechnology and theoretical physics.
That is how I first came to your site. I clicked on nanotechnology in my profile and it gave me a list of people with a similar interest. I learned a trick there. Now I can look up people who have even read the same books. The google blogger code is very interesting, I like Google Analytics also.
I would say that love is a good stretch more complex than theoretical physics and actual physics is even worse.
I like tennis and racquetball.
I appreciate the comment, I will give it a shot. It's nice to know I'm not just talking to the electrons moving about the internet. :)
I wonder how it is possible to feel alone in a world of 6.6 billion people connected to each other at the speed of light?
I am leaving this here as I couldn't figure out if I posted on your site or not :)

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Automated Intelligence
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