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Well, by time I mean my schedule and obligations to deliver technology. I have some schematic capture that has to be finished in Eagle CAD and some system layouts in Blender and some software in LabView that must be done by the end of the week so any extensive comment on the universe and human nature will have to wait until Friday. But I will start with the basics. A theory is worthless if it cannot be tested or used in some way. An example is a theory that requires the use of mathematics which cannot be implemented. Personally my IQ is closer to boiling, (the transition from liquid to gas of H2O at atmospheric pressure) than body temperature and if you say degrees Centigrade, I will have to boo you, and say actually I mean degrees Kelvin :) I don't think that Stanford Benet is any real measure of abilities as the subject of intelligence is one of those things like love, it has too many aspects to be rated in a single linear variable. Dolphins and idiot savants can do things that I can't. My AI bots can do things I can't do. I didn't say this to pimp myself but I do have the beginning skills and coherence to analyze things systematically. My MMPI is normal also. I don't prize intelligence that much either, I would rather enjoy a run in the park on spring day than a proof of the Pythagorean theorem on any cold winter day. Math is simply a formal system devised by people to symbolically represent aspects of the universe. It is not a physical reality in itself. Some mathematical concepts have parallels in logic and programming. Starting with the very core basic things .... A name can be associated with something to be used to communicate that to another by writing or speech or any other means of information interchange. I will stay with English since it is what I know best. This may seem very rudimentary but it is absolutely necessary to make everything more clear. Everyone must agree on the basics of the process or there is no hope of agreement on using the ideas in practice. Human language is so convolved that even a slight trip can send you to infinity. It is holistic and context based.

The oil can is empty, can it be known if I live in a Can. province?


Jessica said...

Your definition of math as a symbolic representation of aspects of the universe reminds me of a chapter from a book I'm reading, if you're interested in another's perspective on the purpose and use of language.

Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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