Day one or Day 4,000,000,000,000 Absolute

I was in genetics class a few days ago and I was looking around and we were studying genotype to phenotype development (single cell to organism) and I started thinking how everybody there -must- have a mother and they a mother and on and on. And they must have once been a single cell. I had just never thought about myself being a single cell before, I was probably thinking this is cool but if I had a brain I would be more useful :). I do work with Open Source also and the virtual worlds that exist in Planeshift are so interesting to me, I was virtual hunting with a friend and she fell off a cliff and died in the game, I was at the top of the cliff and I looked down and saw her character lying face down and realized she had died, I was really sad :( and then I thought how odd. Anyway she did /tell from the Death Realm "Oops :)" and I was quite relieved actually. I am working on an Open Source interface through the net to my Atomic Force Microscope and I hope to have that available soon and have a real-virtual world in physical nano-space where the bots are characters on the client end but are actually just atomic scale rovers on the other end. I really enjoy the Open Source community, there are so many talented people that have a lot of fun doing what they enjoy, like myself.


Andrea said...

The idea of making VR real is fascinating and at times seems unbelievable. However, reading this page makes me understand that certain people who are unrestrained both with their intellect and creativity will most likely achieve this. This is inspiring as it seems humans have no limits as to what they can do.

Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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