The physics of ants simulation

I am always fascinated with the genetic evolution of ants as they incorporate all the cool things about nature. Selective changes on a short time frame, a preformed brain with program, cooperative behavior, small size, collect their own energy, cooperate against threat, create environment trails, communicate with tactile, and chemical methods, have eyes, and function as a composite entity, even though they have individual brains.
In the video I have modified an ants simulation program in python. I am using kate as an IDE, and I added red and black ants as well as making the playground adjustable. With WxPython I can add sliders and knobs to adjust environment, effects, virtual DNA, virtual mind, and number of generations to select the best algorithm for survival. Ultimately I will convert to OpenGL and accelerate the really intensely compute elements in straight C. It is interesting to watch, even at such a rudimentary level of complexity.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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