A face as lovely as a tree

I think this works out better. I decided to use pluripotent tree cells for the first try and well :) they are all pluripotent. I thought that since trees can live 3,000 years it would be good for a cyborg. What I didn't realize is that the external cells turn into bark and so we have the problem below. So, I just used my own pluripotent skin cells and that seems to be the way to go, why mess with a good design. That one length of HOX DNA has to last a little longer, I think, just a single base pair change should do it. I will probably switch one of the base pairs in a non-coding region by it to maintain thermodynamic equilibrium in that area, just to be safe as I am reducing the pairing strength with that substitution.
One DNA pair change and what happens, it is nature, it thrives on chaotic attractors.
Odd what can be done with just the right physics.
Just 30 frames as a test of what happens with hair.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen