Face palm - face cloth

There just is no end of entertainment with this. This is a screen capture of blender 2.6 physics properties and I have developed some very interesting interactive solutions using python and PIL and SciPy and matrices inside blender as well as screen capturing and sobel like conversions inside blender python interface. The video is just "Simple Screen Recorder" and select area to record. By selecting textures before creating a model, I avoid trying to unwrap a complex figure. It is more like generic single cell to organism so that the texture is like a pigment aspect of an expanding genotype. Also it is possible to take sub elements of a model, like leg or arm, and produce it with information that allows connection to other parts , like hands or such. It is possible to do animation without any "bones" to animate and it can be done with the sequence editor as well.
The textured cloth is dropped and this is just to give a general idea of how it affects textured cloth with fluid properties. This was just designed , implemented, and recorded in about 30 seconds and I had intended to bounce a ball off the face of some character, but time is the fire, and I have many universes to visit before I sleep. Oh right, using animation feature "Alt and A". Surprisingly fast and the video is a real time render record. No complex step animation involved, just let the physics do the work.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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