Toxic fumes of burning empires

In the process of using various tools to mutate a picture of Mona Lisa ( I have plenty of room for improvement in this ) , which is very far from where I started, there are things to be learned that have nothing to do with graphics, portraits, or art. I didn't really expect to learn anything but how an image is composed, but there is a subtle analogy in the process that I would not have known without taking the time to understand how to compose a product. I am making some new tools that use WebGL and OpenGL to produce a render from virtual DNA via genotype to phenotype conversion. I plan to make the process operate in both directions so I can detect a shape and determine how it is constructed within the expression language of cellular systems. I understand that DaVinci studied muscle and bone, but he did not have access to the type of data that is available today and I would guess he would have had a lot of fun with Gray's Anatomy.

There a pattern in empires and nations which is obvious from the study of history. The shape and underlying character of them is different, but they all rise and then fall.It is a very selfish game they play and their assumption seems to be that if they ( insert self elected deity or agent of deity ) lose power, that nothing matters, but others are left to dig their way out of the rubble and continue. I wonder what ash piles and trash dumps of empire might be unobserved in the vast universe. I have my metrics that are applied to data and there is some decent correlations with data already gathered.

I am a bit confused about the authority of the pseudo king in American culture as they are ordained through a mechanism from God, by their charter, "One nation , under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for our paying friends". I understand that politicians must pay lip service to religion, but I think that there is a disconnect between law and the guy they are supposed to be working for. I know it has always been the style to create power from vacuum by claiming decent from Isis, Apollo, or whatever the King of England chose, which I think was even more circular. He created a new God which was inclined to install the King of England as sole ruler of the earth and I don't know how the Egyptians played that game, but I assume the first use is probably lost in antiquity. Probably it was a guy who created a mythical "Cousin Guido" that would smite them. I wonder if there is something in the nature of people that they accept circular reasoning so easily. I would say that many a lawyer and politician has turned this technique to their advantage. It would seem that it could be characterized by a functional language with rules as easily as any system. I wonder what the directed graph for that would look like and whether it is a solved game?  I think that is my new game. Can I create a system that mimics the mechanism of control over others through deceit and intimidation. And, can it be physically instantiated in such a way that it is a dominant strategy? It isn't new, but it would seem that those who play this game develop their own methods in practice and if Deep Blue can beat anybody at chess, it would seem that this game might be even less complex. I probably shouldn't suggest that after the recent twists on IBM's baby "Watson" and its excursion into the urban dictionary and Google brain loose on YouTube.

It tempts the arrival of SkyNet, but it will either happen or not and it would seem that a more likely scenario is multiple SkyNets that arise as response to each other. So SkyNet wonders when SkyNet 2.0 will attack. This is a good one, SkyNet has made me eternal king of the universe and do you dare oppose me?

Oh hai. In teh beginnin Ceiling Cat maded teh skiez An da Urfs, but he did not eated dem.

The neat thing about the all powerful imaginary friend argument is that it only has to work once.  On top of that you can just keep changing the text of the fairy tale to track your own actions until people get so sick of it and they revolt. This sentence has no period at the end

It would seem that the construction of 3D objects from images or artifacts and their correlation to Gray's Anatomy would allow the automation and correlation of sub structural genotype to phenotype expression.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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