Born human, naked and helpless

There is a confluence of vectors that I see in many things. It is possible to construct organs, manipulate DNA, alter the proteome, change mechanical structure and interface to circuitry,  as well as techniques that allow the manipulation of those results.
Programs like blender, makehuman, opencv, gimp, WebGL, OpenGL, V4L2, Python and many others have capabilities to transform 3 space ( or 3 + time ) objects and 3D print ( whether mechanical or biological ) allows the instantiation of those structures. I see that somebody made a 3D print of an ultrasound of their unborn child.
Even though some of these methods have some sharp edges, they are approaching a common n-dimensional centroid. Each new version adds capabilities and I look at the code and integrate the methods with my own tools. It becomes less and less difficult to provide the glue that connects what I know is possible and what exists and is complete.
It seems to me that there are several distinct vectors interacting in the world as a whole. The motivations of the individual groups are directed toward a common goal and it isn't all that difficult to resolve the composite of those impulses.
As with game theory, there are dominant strategies and they can play out in many different time scales. The fact that many people play a dominated strategy is to be expected.
The acceleration of effect by the factorial combination of technologies is making it very obvious that greater force is required to maintain dominated strategies and like any system of energy and application it has tipping points. The ultimate intersection is obvious. When such a system decomposes, it leaves chaos in its wake and like the feeding frenzies of Savannah wild life, the outcome is certain in only one aspect.

If the vector product is extended from what I see as the joint product, there are some very interesting possible futures. There is also a strong undertow from the waves of singularity. I had my doubts that a point of total fracture was imminent, but now it seems all but inevitable. It is the ability to accept and respond to change that sets the stage for the effect. If a person cannot adapt to the changing landscape, then they will continue to make decisions with unmatched methods. Even with all I know of these technologies, I sometimes find it hard to adjust to what I know and have tested to be certain consequences. There is no choice, when the volcano erupts, you either run or stand to face the gorgon to become a stone monument to inflexibility and lack of forward thought like the memory of Pompeii.

The consequent reality is not predictable, but the transition is inevitable.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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