Political Tic Tac Toe games

Today I am considering what has changed since I was a child that would make the culture so different.
When I was seven, I had my own gun and could take it apart, clean it  and put it back together, because if you didn't clean it, it would misfire and be less accurate. That would be second grade. It was a tool like any other tool that gives you advantage against nature in the form of predators that would attack livestock that was the source of food. Hens in the coop, cows in the pasture, pig pens, and sheep. They were helpless against a predator. I never had the thought that any human was to be harmed with the tools, and neither did any of the neighbors as they also had guns, knives, and every other sort of tool. Our lawnmowers and tractors didn't shut off when you weren't holding the handle either. Exactly how many millions of lives are saved by having a dead man switch on a lawn mower?
If we had not had guns, we would also have been at the mercy of predators while tending the crops. If we didn't have dynamite we couldn't easily remove stumps.
It would seem that what has changed is the belief that people in general are not sensible enough to make their own decisions on what to do with tools. Since politicians must be elected from the general population and police are selected from that same population, they bear that same stigma. Is there some magical distinction that makes a person less of an ass or less dangerous by becoming a public figure?
It seems to me that the idea that the state is moral and can maintain weapons and that the individual is inherently immoral is completely counter intuitive and thus must be deception.
Let us compare.
Would I take money from the public to hire interns in the White House at your expense to provide sexual favors?  No.
Would I take money from the public to hire prostitutes while visiting Colombia on state business?  No.
Would I maintain a vast array of weapons that could destroy the world? No.

It would seem reasonable that it is mere deception to increase power for some at the expense of others. It is clearly deception that works at an emotional level. I am not sure there is any action that slows this process once it has reached a certain scale. Parallels to Nazi Germany are uncanny. It would seem they are simply scripting their way to that same outcome. Someone has decided they will partition the world on the basis of "us and them" at some arbitrary boundary and then extend that boundary until us is the  "Saal-Schutz" (Hall-Protection) and everybody else.

To say that this is just in the United States is to ignore the fact that this is the play book for any country in the world. It seems to me that it is a game that has rules like any other game when considered dispassionately. And this is how it must be considered as the passions and fears of individuals are the strings that are used to control them like puppets. I have never read Mein Kampf, but perhaps I should read that now as background.
Quote from Mein Kampf ( via project Gutenberg )

it is again established throughout the REICH, enjoying full liberty, stronger and
internally more compact than ever before.
Clearly it is just a game of deception, manipulation, and intimidation. I can almost envision the digraph of it and it would seem that it isn't a grand complex subject that requires genius to understand, but just imperfect motives and no other viable option to achieve something just as useful. The structure and function is not a single value function, but the complex of manipulator and the subject of their manipulation share common ground or it would not work. In order to model the process it should be seen as a paired action as the supposed dominant element can just as well be the passive. Since both parties are driven by "emotional logic" then the complex is just as well directed from any angle internal or external.

I think there is some math and logic to this. If one considers advertising a form of propaganda, it seems clear that the art(sic) of it is fairly simple and I studied it in college decades ago. As certainly as an electron can be guided through fields, so can any simple system of organisms.

This is not 1926 and this is not the same world. The leakiness of the internet between cultures has a damping effect on this type of local manipulation and I am guessing that is why splitting every country from the internet and filtering content is necessary for specific regimes to avoid confusion among the sheeple about where to go to be sheared.

If a person begins to argue that X is evil and Y is good because X does alpha and Y does beta, it is just another emotional game. The participants all come from the same stock and though roles are established in the order of execution and vector position, the players and playees are interchangeable.

I see a process like many different process control systems that I have designed. It is certainly a crappy one as it simply operates to create waste. Perhaps it can be fixed, but I doubt that the participants want it to be "fixed". It is their game of choice and serves well enough as an alternative to playing solitaire all day on a gigahertz processor.
My opinion is that society has not changed at all, nor have I. It is the landscape that has changed and the direction of empire has changed from stopping a threat from without to consolidating power within. Since there are no new places for colonialism, the only gain can come from within. When the monarch starves, the peasants become food.

WOW, that is irritating. It seems there is some weird javascript or html glitch that takes things that are italicized and copies them at about 256 character boundaries and peppers the content. That has happened several times and I am calling code flaw on this and so I should probably find out who is the active agent in that, whether it is Google javascript or my Firefox browser. I suppose it could be the product vector and it is only in the combination that it is realized. Something is screwy and I am guessing that it is array bounds errors and those can be very risky, as well as security problems. I suspect it is a duplicate hot key definition and two different effects are merging to one strange product.

So after some consideration, I would suspect that the game or motives in the game is not the issue at all. It is what takes place outside the game that is significant and the real effect is not characterized without taking several steps back and observing what is happening on the sidelines. It is theater for the Roman populace and while they attend the game they are not aware of what is out of sight and thus mind.

It would seem that it could be modeled and characterized and perhaps that will be my new modeling program that uses the vertex arrays of emotional vectors and draws a model of the beast. It will at least be entertaining to construct as it would be software without precedent AFAIK.

More of the Nazi manifesto and rhetoric

I have dedicated the first volume of this book to our eighteen fallen
heroes. Here at the end of this second volume let me again bring those
men to the memory of the adherents and champions of our ideals, as
heroes who, in the full consciousness of what they were doing,
sacrificed their lives for us all. We must never fail to recall those
names in order to encourage the weak and wavering among us when duty
calls, that duty which they fulfilled with absolute faith, even to its
extreme consequences.
Strangely, this is exactly what I hear from people everywhere who seek power over others even to their death.

Hey mister Taliban,
Tally me a martyr,
Daylight comes and he never goes home,
Day, me say day, me say day, me say day 

I see deadly black tarantula


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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