3D printing statute law

From another blog about history.  (Has nothing to do with this, but I started thinking about it and thought of Hammurabi, then Hamurabi the game then FOCAL, then BASIC, then a basic interpreter I wrote, then basic on Linux, then SDLbasic, bwbasic, and on an on, which will be continued in another post on adventures with BASIC and Hammurabi.

This was intended to be one of my usual wacky Twilight Zone, pseudo science fiction, random connections, but strangely it turned out to be real.
It has long troubled me that government is based on principles laid down by statement and then implemented by force. "The full force of law."  The key being force. A nation cannot enact laws that allow the dictator to travel faster than the speed of light, though a scientist might construct a device which technically allowed such a virtual effect.
The way in which they get around the paradox is to imply a deity that fills in the gap where reason fails. Once they deny that a specific deity or its principles are valid, they tread on very thin ice.
The mechanism of state is through a mechanical structure as well as psychological structure which is ultimately a physical structure also.
Looking at law and 3D printers, it would seem that much like the computer which must display an image to be useful and if it is displayed, it can be duplicated. So laws are passed to establish control directly within the brains of people. I don't know any other way to say that. If the fear of force can cause a change in behavior, then it is a direct neural inhibition. If it can be done without physical access to the person through electronic means, then it could be said there is no invasion of private property.
If the product of a computer system is deemed to be illegal, then anyone with a computer is a suspect, and thus being a suspect, is subject to search to see if they harbor thoughts of "evil".
So the gist of this is that as unusual as it might sound, it is possible to print the equivalent of the government in a physical form in such a way that it bears rights inherited from the universe and not a mythical structure. It is the Achilles heel of any empire. There is no metaphysical way around a physical law of the universe that I have ever seen.  What I am saying is that it is not realistic to assume that once a physical principle has been established and implemented, no amount of wishing or written word will change the conservation of matter and energy.
It actually seems a reasonable natural progression. Nature is based upon the continual selection of species based upon their ability to avoid predation or replicate in such great numbers that predation is an accepted biological cost.
If a CAD file is made available on github that separates the emperor from his invisible clothes, there is no further possibility of wishing away that which has become a physical reality.
Though shalt not print any mechanism that disables the physical restraints that are imposed by the rightful king given his throne by God himself.
The problem with the logic is twofold, dependence on a mechanism that has no physical reality, and an idle impotent threat which is intended to be self realizing by induction.
The techniques have been used before and they are effective far too often IMHO. They do not work against bears, goblins, or levers.

I think the complete reductio ad absurdum , is:

If you take the bullets out of my gun, I will shoot you.

It seems a bit too good to be true, but what is to be said of a set of people who can pass laws to raise their own salary and exclude them from prosecution for any and all actions. There is no physical reality or work involved and it is pure and utter bullshit that fuels the furnace. A person left to define their own worth is a scary concept. All things must be defined within the constraints of physical reality.

It always makes me a little sad to solve something like this as it seems so obvious after the fact and then I feel a bit stupid that I didn't realize it long ago.  There are of course many consequent structures and that is the way to and with infinity, it never gets done surprising me.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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